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Why Oklahoma?

If you’re a native Oklahoman you’ve heard the following statements, and if you’re not, you’ve probably  made them: “It’s so flat.” “Oklahoma is ugly.” “There’s nothing to do here.” Unfortunately, that’s as far as most outsiders go.  And, to be fair, our great state isn’t much to see from 30,000 feet.  Additionally, Oklahoma City isn’t much for scenery even though it’s a cool place to … Continue reading Why Oklahoma?

Taste the Rainbow: My Hunt for Oklahoma Trout

My entire career as a fisherman has been spent almost exclusively in pursuit of two popular Oklahoma game fish: bass and catfish.  Bass are my number one target, and fishing for them can be very technical.  Catfish are more simple: put something revolting on your hook, and put it on the bottom of the lake. Since my college years, however, I have grown increasingly interested … Continue reading Taste the Rainbow: My Hunt for Oklahoma Trout