Why Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is an amazingly diverse state when it comes to our terrain and wildlife, and it's easy to discover.

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Natural Falls State Park

One of Oklahoma's most beautiful parks is in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, just a few miles from the Arkansas border. 

Blue River PFHA

I've heard about the Blue River trout fishery for years, but I never managed to visit for myself until this year.


Good Eats: Smokin’ Joe’s Rib Ranch and RV Park

I'm not a food blogger, but I am a person who eats way more than I should.  Therefore, you can trust me.


Tips on Traveling with Kids

I have learned a few things about traveling and getting outdoors with my kids that you may find useful.


Tenkiller and Cherokee Landing State Parks

There's a reason this place has the nickname "Heaven in the Hills."


Quick Hit – McGee Creek State Park and Natural Scenic Area

One our way home from a 2016 visit to Broken Bow, we decided to visit McGee Creek State Park and the McGee Creek Natural Scenic Area, near Atoka.


A Look Back at 2017’s Travels

2017 was a busy year all around, but we still found plenty of time to get outside and enjoy our beautiful home state


Sequoyah Bay and Sequoyah State Parks

We took a tour of the Cherokee Nation, and visited both of the state parks on the shores of Fort Gibson Lake.


Two Days of Trout Fishing

This year I fished Lake Watonga and Medicine Creek, and I experienced all the challenges and emotions that come along with the pursuit of trout.


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