Why Oklahoma?

If you’re a native Oklahoman you’ve heard the following statements, and if you’re not, you’ve probably  made them:

“It’s so flat.”

“Oklahoma is ugly.”

“There’s nothing to do here.”

Unfortunately, that’s as far as most outsiders go.  And, to be fair, our great state isn’t much to see from 30,000 feet.  Additionally, Oklahoma City isn’t much for scenery even though it’s a cool place to visit.  But if you get outside the city limits, you might just discover there’s a lot more to this place.

Want cypress swamps and mesas?  We have both.  Want gators and buffalo?  We have those, too.  Oklahoma is an amazingly diverse state when it comes to our terrain and wildlife, and it’s easy to discover.

We’ve spent many years travelling all over Oklahoma, and we can testify that there’s a lot to see here.  Hopefully this site will inspire you to give our state a second look; I promise, you’ll love it.


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